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Quality Products from Arrow Castings

We pride ourselves in the quality of our castings, from commercial grade to aircraft quality, including
AMS 2175 compliant.

Aluminum Ingot

Aluminum Ingot

Color-coded aluminum ingot
(The green is spray paint)


Chills, Screens &
Thermal Sleeves

Chills, Screens &
          Thermal Sleeves

During pouring we use chills (top),
screens, and thermal sleeves to
promote the proper flow of
aluminum within the mold.

  • Precision aluminum sand castings are our specialty.
  • We only pour aluminum, so we have no cross-contamination with other metals.

Aluminum Alloys

  • Certificates from ingot supplier are available upon request.
  • Test bars are available upon request.
  • We pour ten different alloys.


  • Our expertise in the use of gates and risers enables us to cast thin walls without compromising strength or surface finish.
  • Proprietary techniques ensure an excellent surface quality, even on interior surfaces.
  • We are able to meet specifications for pressure testings for our air and fluid technology customers.
  • Wheelabration with stainless steel shot or ceramic vibratory services are available for parts requiring additional surface finishing.


  • Petro Bond™ molding sand permits us to use finer sands that give a better surface finish and a more precise casting.
  • Our molds can hold deeper pockets than can be obtained using green sand techniques.

Quality Control

  • We are ISO 9001-2000 compliant
  • Quality controls are applied continuously throughout the casting process.
  • Core assemblies are visually inspected prior to use.
  • Metal ingot and remelt is stored separately, by alloy.
  • Certificates of ingot analysis are available on request.
  • Melting controls include sample testing to determine proper degassing levels to
    control porosity.
  • Visual inspections of castings are performed in each department.
  • “Go/no go” gauging tests are performed, based upon job requirements.
  • Nadcap accredited heat treatment is available when required.
  • Certified inspections by outside laboratories are available, on request, for heat treatment, chemical
    and physical analysis, penetrant and x-ray.

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